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One of the most over looked grooming tools, shave brushes do more than just lather your soap. Shave brushes effectively lift the hair away from the skin's surface while exfolixating dead skin from the skin's surface allowing for a clean close shave. 

Shave Brush

SKU: 0009
  • Product Care:

    To clean rinse brush under lukewarm water to ensure the whole brush is wet. Use a small amount of shave soap or shampoo gentley rub brush on palm working in the cleaner. Once cleaner is throughly rubbed in let your brush soak in clean water for 1-2 minutes before rinsing out brush under running water. Squeeze exess water from brush allow to dry out throughly. Prop care allows for a longer life of theshave brush.



    If irration occurs discontinue use. Clean and dry throughly after each use.



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