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Due to Basil's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties along with being packed full of antioxidants and vitamins Basil is an excellent herb to assist with acne prone skin. Containing natural oils that act as a natural cleanser removing surplus oil and impurties from the skin's surface and pores. Our handcrafted solar infused herbal facial toners reinvigorate, tone, and soothe the skin’s surface. Facial toners remove environmental stressors such as pollution and dirt from the skin’s surface. Cleansing the pores and toning the skin’s surface thus promoting positive skin health while being gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types.

Basil Facial Toner-Excellent Pore Cleanser

SKU: 0005
  • Application Instructions:

    Featuring a 2oz cobalt blue recyclable glass bottle with a dropper for easy application. After cleansing, shake bottle well & drop a few drops onto a reusable cotton pad, apply to the face and neck. Use caution when applying near and around the eyes.  Allow to dry naturally. Applying an oil is recommended to lock in hydration after toning.


    Product Care:

    Due to the natural properties of this product, store in a cool dark place; use within 6 months of receiving. There are no preservatives in this product, so it is vital to keep the cap secured tightly when not in use. If preferred, you can store the product in the refrigerator, extending the shelf life. Storing in the refrigerator can offer a cool toning application, which can be refreshing on a hot day. Use within 6 months of purchase.



    Even with the most delicate, natural products allergic reactions can occur. A patch test is recommended if irritation occurs; discontinue use.