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Our original soothing shower fizzies are a unique blend of aromatherapy and science, and are developed specially for the shower to offer a truly luxurious spa experience. This product allows anyone the opportunity to embrace self care,  whether at home or when traveling. Due to the aromatherapy ratio used in this product it is not recommended to be used in the bath. To use the shower fizzie:  allow the shower’s water to heat up creating stam, place the fizzie on the water’s edge so that the fizzie slowly melts, releasing the amazing scents, and creating a luxurious spa steam-shower to pamper and revitalize. Using aromatic plant-derived essential oils, our original soothing shower fizzies provide a spa-like experience unlike any other. Featuring uplifting scents blended with a touch of relaxation makes these fizzies truly unique.


Soothing Shower Steamers-3 steamers

  • Product Care:

    Recommended for use in the shower. Misuse of this product may cause skin irritation. Use at your own discretion. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store in a cool dark place; away from excessive moisture. Use within 2 month of purchase


    Made to be used on the floor or shelf of the shower. Even with the most delicate, natural products allergic reactions can occur. If irritation occurs; discontinue use.

  • Baking Soda

    Citric Acid


    Essential Oils 

    Witch Hazel