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Dream Pillows have been used for centuries. Long before disfussers bags of herbs were blended and used to aid in sleeping, protection, ward off disease and more. Prince Albert who was married to Queen Victoria in the 1800's used a bag of hops to lull him to sleep. Our signature dream pillow blend was created to lull one into a peaceful, restful sleep with a layer of protection while walking in the dream realm. 

Signature Magical Herbal Dream Pillow- Single Pillow

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Product Care:

    Place the dream pillow inside pillow case of your main pillow; as you roll over the dream pillow it will activate the herbs releasing their aromas lulling you into sleep. 


    Even with the most delicate natural products allergic reactions can occur. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Use within 1 year of purchase. Discard herbs once fully crushed;  into your garden or compost; while the bag can be washed and reused.

  • Dried Peppermint Leaf  

    Dried Linden Flower 

    Dried Lavender Buds  

    Dried Hops Flowers 

    Dried Chamomile Flowers 


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