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The act of cleansing is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. It is very important that we are honoring the sacred act of this ancient tradition by providing ethically sourced and sustainably harvested white sage. White Sage is on the herbal list of endangered herbs due to people’s abuse of this sacred plant for profit.  We work with sellers that harvest from private lands and honor mother earth. White sage is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties acting as an air purifier when burned. Associated with purity, White Sage has a strong and heavy presence, with a distinctive scent.

White Sage-Single Bundle

  • Instructions for use:

    Hold at one end to light the bundle; safely ignite; once the bundle is a flame; safely shake the bundle to extinguish flame; either safely carry around or use a feather to waft the smoke or place in a fire safe container while partaking in the elegant aroma & healing qualities.   


    Use fire safe containers when burning. Use with caution. Extinguish the bundle fully after use; never leave a smudge bundle aflame or smoldering and unattended. Use at your own discretion.